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Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Coastal America Style in Guest Bedroom Idea

Guest bedroom idea has become important in home design as one of the considerate points. The availability of guest bedroom is basically complimentary room, but since the family use to have relative coming over, a guest room becomes more important. The design for guest room is normally pointing out the cozy, comfortable, and clean room, […]

Bedroom Furniture Storage Beds

Wooden Bedroom Storage Furniture in Classic and Modern Design

Bedroom storage furniture is mostly coming in from wood material, in accordance with the set of the bedroom. Same style, material and design between bed and the storage furniture will give the coherent style of the room. Some are into eclectic style of combining different furniture into harmony, but this requires creativity and taste, so […]

Modern Bedroom Furniture Black

How Does It Look Like to Have Modern Bedroom Furniture Sets?

Modern bedroom furniture sets have many kinds of design and decoration just like other bedroom furniture style. The storage functions, at same time as one set bedroom decoration comes in different style of presentation. Simple looks attract more those who are interested in minimalist style. With the design of sleek and square cutting, minimalist style […]

Bed Frame Twin

Various Design of Twin Bed Frame and Head Board

Twin bed frame and head board has some options of design and idea that one can choose based on the preferences and usage. The kid twin bed is mostly constructed from wooden frame for the safety and easy designed bed, while the adult twin bed normally uses the edgeless wooden frame or typical old metal […]

Loft Bunk Bed With Desk

Bunk Bed with Desk: Double Function or Dysfunction?

Bunk bed with desk is fun to customize and design when you have need of making a proper bunk bed for your kid. The main purpose of using bunk bed are all about saving space as much as possible and surely teach your kids to share the room. Recently some inventors some with the idea […]

White Modern Platform Bed

Modern Platform Bed VS Fancy Classic Platform

Modern platform bed is well known as the guard of the modern bed style nowadays. The elimination of bed legs, bed frame, and head board show simply minimalist platform of the bed. The normal one are made from light color wooden material, having a little lower stage in the inside to “hold” the mattress and […]

Full Size Platform Bed With Drawers

How to Keep Fresh Inside the Platform Bed with Drawers

Platform bed with drawers can be a good option for you who would love to save some spaces in your room. You might have small room and thinking it will be too full to put one more cabinet to store your clothes, so then you go for the bed with drawers under the platform. With […]

Modern Wood Bed Frames

Futuristic Modern Bed Frames from Your Own Hand

Modern bed frames always sounds interesting. Let’s go to the furniture store and find out that the price tag is not so interesting, especially for you who have limited budget. We should admit that within the bedroom, your bed takes the biggest space in the room, and biggest spending of your budget. If you are […]

Antique Wooden Bed Frames

Reasons Why Wooden Bed Frames Are Favorable

Wooden bed frames has improved from the rustic pale style of country and farm house bed frame into modern and contemporary bed frames with various options and combinations. It is overwhelming sometimes! There are amazing designs of wooden frames recently that we are sure you will turn confused. But first, why wood is so favorable […]

Full Bed With Storage

Bed with Storage for Save Spacing the Bedroom

Bed with storage ideas somehow can be chosen as if you need more storage, such as cupboard, or else, yet you would like to save more space inside your bedroom to make it way larger than the actual size. Therefore. As if you would like to give the best for your bedroom, moreover as if […]