The Complete Guide to Buying a bassinet.

Ryana / February 13, 2018

A bassinet is the perfect place to make your baby sleep and can be your baby’s safe and secure sleeping zone if you choose a correct bassinet. While bassinets are good for the initial 1 year only, they aren’t of much use once your baby grows and you might need to buy a crib for your kid to sleep then. So remember that you won’t be able to use bassinet forever like a crib and make an informed choice before buying one. This guide will help you in looking for a perfect bassinet for your baby and will let you know which features to look out for.

How much will a Bassinet cost?

You can find a lot of Bassinets in different ranges depending on the features you are looking for. So keep in mind to prepare a budget under which you would like to buy the Bassinet for your baby. Since bassinets are pretty much useless after the initial 7-8 months, it would be better to choose a low-budget bassinet for your baby. UniversalReview gives us the ratings for best baby bassinets available. You will Bassinets in a varying range from$30 to $300, it all depends on your budget.

What all things to look out for?

There are a few things which you should pay extra attention to while buying a bassinet for your baby. These are:

  • Safety and Security

The first and foremost thing which you should check is whether the bassinet safe for your infant or not. There shouldn’t be any gaps or slats huge enough that your baby gets trapped in them or any footholds around the bassinet which lets them climb on the ledge and fall down. Make sure you pay attention to these small things and choose only a bassinet which cannot be used by your baby to injure themselves.

  • Easily Portable

You would need to move your bassinet from one place to another, time and again so it is important that you choose a bassinet which is easy to move. You could choose one which comes with wheels and has a wheel lock mechanism, so you can move your baby from room to room and can lock their bassinet in a fixed position once you are in the appropriate place.

  • Stable base

Make sure that your bassinet has a sturdy and stable base and won’t come off or fall down itself. It needs to be able to take your baby’s weight and not fall apart in just a few days. So make sure you go for a bassinet which is strong and won’t move unless you move it manually.

  • Easy Storage

Now, you might need to free up your room every once in a while and you might put your baby on your bed or the floor to play. In such events, you don’t need your bassinet for a couple of hours and so you can free up space by storing it someplace. Your bassinet should be foldable to make the storage easy. This will also help when you are going on a vacation and need to take your bassinet with yourself.

  • Breathable

Another important thing to check out is whether your bassinet is breathable for your baby. The bassinet should have mesh sides which make it easier for the baby to breathe and won’t suffocate him/her while sleeping.

  • Height and Weight

Always check the weight constrictions on your bassinet and make sure that your baby comes under the weight allowed for use. Also, the bassinet should be deep enough to ensure that your baby won’t fall out during sleep or playtime.

  • Comfortable Mattress

One of the most important things to check out is whether the bassinet mattress is firm and comfortable for your baby or not. Your baby would be spending the majority of his/her day sleeping in the bassinet and so it is important that they are provided with a comfortable mattress which allows them to sleep peacefully.


5 Types of Vacuum Cleaners – Myatlantamoms

Ryana / November 12, 2017

The first thing that you need to decide when looking for a vacuum cleaner for yourself is the type of vacuum cleaner that will suit your needs and requirements. There are various types of Vacuum Cleaners which are good for different scenarios and requirements so it is important to decide on a vacuum cleaner type before you look at other factors.

There are mainly 5 types of Vacuum Cleaners – Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, and Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

**Upright Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most popular vacuum type which is in the shape of a stick and comes with a powerful suction and amazing design.

This type of vacuum cleaner is powerful and can work on a variety of areas like carpets, bare floors, cabinets, and so on. You will also find an option between the bagless and bagged version for this vacuum cleaner and it is quite easy to use which makes cleaning floors with this vacuum cleaner a lot of fun.

You can get a few attachments to make it versatile which makes it great for carpet cleaning but it is a little heavier than a canister vacuum.

**Canister Vacuum Cleaner

This type of vacuum cleaner has the motor and the vacuum brush in separate units and is lighter than most other vacuum cleaners. Since you can use a variety of attachments to make this vacuum cleaner more versatile, it can easily perform more cleaning tasks than an upright vacuum cleaner.

You can clean and dust anything with this and since it is quite light, you will find it easy to move but their bulky shape makes it difficult to store them.

**Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This is a smaller version of an upright vacuum cleaner and is shaped exactly like a stick. Its low-profile heads are easier to move around the furniture and it is really useful for quick cleaning and getting the dirt and dust from beneath the tables and the sofas. However, they are not as powerful as an upright or a canister vacuum cleaner.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

**Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most lightweight and easily portable vacuum cleaner which comes in both corded and cordless models. This type of vacuum cleaner is good for handling the small type of messes like food crumbs on the dining table, tight corners, car interiors, and so on. You can consider a corded model with a car adapter too if you don’t want to recharge your vacuum cleaner again and again. One important thing to remember about this handheld vacuum cleaner is that it cannot be considered a full-time vacuum cleaner and can only be used instead of a duster and dustpan.

**Robot Vacuum Cleaner

One of the best Vacuum Cleaners for users who are lazy or don’t have sufficient time to look after the cleaning of their house. This vacuum cleaner can clean your house without your guidance. You just need to program it to start whenever you want and it will sweep the entire room itself. You can also use a remote to manage them and you don’t have to worry about the dirt under the beds and tables anymore. It can be a little pricey and is not as powerful as the traditional vacuum cleaners.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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